Quick Answer: What Works Better Than Olaplex?

Is there fake Olaplex?

Olaplex immediately purchased hundreds of alleged Olaplex products from across the world.

While much of the product was found to be genuine, nearly 30 percent of it was found to be counterfeit, infringing, or tampered with product..

Are Kerastase products worth the money?

Kerastase products are formulated so that you have to use less of them to get the results you want. This extends the life of the product, so even though you are investing more money, you won’t have to stock up as often. In the long run, it will be well worth it.

Does Olaplex No 3 Really Work?

Wellaplex No. 3 is a great alternative to olaplex and will deliver the same hair smoothing, rebuilding and strengthening results. Similarly to Olaplex, Wellaplex No. 3 was designed to be used as a once a week treatment and will be especially effective on colour treated or heat damaged hair types.

Which is better kerastase or Olaplex?

If you’re going to bleach your hair, your best choice without any doubt is Olaplex. It’ll also be your best choice if you want to dye your hair. If you want to improve the appearance and texture of your hair, Kerastase Fusio Dose is a good option for you.

How much should I charge for Olaplex?

How Much Does OLAPLEX™ Cost? OLAPLEX™ costs from £15 as a stand-alone treatment with any cut and finish or blowdry. If you add it to your colour service it is £20.

Will Olaplex thicken hair?

‘Olaplex is like nothing else out there, it’s a whole new molecule that works inside the hair strengthening and repairing the structure that has been compromised,’ explains Cusick. ‘It seeks out any broken disulphate bonds and links them back together making your hair feel fuller, thicker, stronger and healthier.

What happens when you stop using Olaplex?

This question is asked often and the answer is no. Even if you completely stop using Olaplex, the disulfide link that Olaplex offered is permanent. The condition of the hair there after, depends on how the client treats their hair.

Why did Olaplex sues L Oreal?

The court’s decision prompted L’Oreal – which has consistently argued that it independently conceived of the products at issue and did not, as Santa Monica, California-based Olaplex alleges, “willfully copy the technology without authorization to create three slavish knockoff [products]” in furtherance of a scheme of …

Is Olaplex shampoo and conditioner worth it?

The final verdict: While this product isn’t going to repair your hair completely in one wash, it did feel better after a single use of the product. After using the product for a couple weeks, the quality of my hair improved dramatically to a level that you could see and feel.

Which is better Olaplex vs Fibreplex?

If you want to go from a dark hair color to a lighter one, I recommend Olaplex. If you want to protect your hair during the application of the dye or nourish it effectively from the inside, Fibreplex works very well for you.

Is Olaplex worth the hype?

Definitely worth it. When my hair was pretty dried out / damaged it made an immense difference. I don’t even need it anymore but would use it again in a flash if my hair were bleached too much. … Olaplex works best on hair damaged by chemical processes.

Is there a cheaper alternative to Olaplex?

Conclusion. If you are looking for the least expensive alternative to Olaplex 3 two excellent options are the OGX Bonding Plex or the Knight and Wilson Pureplex. They are both the cheapest at home hair treatments available that are similar to Olaplex No. 3.

Can Olaplex ruin your hair?

Olaplex cannot damage your hair, no matter how often you use it. Some users have reported that when they use it for long periods, the amount of time it requires to “take effect” will climb and climb.

What does Olaplex 4 and 5 do?

4 and No. 5 are both formulated with patented OLAPLEX Bond Building Chemistry to restore, repair and hydrate the hair without adding excess weight. They also reduce damage and frizz for strong, healthy, shiny hair.

Is Vitaplex as good as Olaplex?

Vitaplex works in much the same way as Olaplex does, however with a few key differences: RAV19 – an additional ingredient that other ‘plex’ treatments don’t have which mimics the amino acids that form the hair, in the sequence they naturally occur, the result being unparalleled strengthening to the hair.

Is there anything better than Olaplex?

Redken pH Bonder tops our list of the best Olaplex dupes. Pros: The Redken pH Bonder is as good as Olaplex at repairing hair bonds. This is a great product available at an affordable price.

Is Olaplex just for blondes?

Fact: Olaplex isn’t just for blondes The aim is not to nourish or condition your hair, but to repair any broken bonds. Do you frequently dye your hair, use straighteners and curling irons or blow dry your mane a lot?

Is Olaplex 3 or 6 better?

It appears that the main difference between No. 6 Bond Smoother and the existing at-home treatment, No. 3 Hair Perfector, is that it’s a leave-in formula that’s just as much a styling product as it is a treatment; Hair Perfector is made to be applied a couple of times a week for up to 10 minutes and then rinsed out.

Does Olaplex prevent breakage?

Olaplex is an innovative in salon treatment that helps reduce breakage before, after and during chemical services. … It is a professional in salon treatment that aligns the strong disulfide bonds that brake in the hair during chemical services.

Is Wellaplex the same as Olaplex?

Number 2 is simply a diluted version of number 1 with added conditioners and number 3 is a more diluted version of number 2 so it will help to maintain the internal hair strength between chemical services. Wellaplex doesn’t contain the same patented bond building ingredients as Olaplex and is more of a conditioner.

What is the best hair bond builder?

Bond Fortifying ProductsThe most popular: Olaplex Hair Perfector. … Vegan and cruelty-free: IGK Antisocial Overnight Bond-Building Dry Hair Mask. … Younger-looking hair: Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Restructuring Bond Repair Leave-In Treatment Mousse.More items…