Question: Can I Use Smartbond At Home?

Is Olaplex better than Smartbond?

Smartbond prevents further damage, and may help slightly with rebuilding those protein bonds that cause hair damage, but Olaplex is the only product that specifically targets them for repairing.

Olaplex is usually more expensive than Smartbond, but the difference is not dramatic and varies depending on your location..

What is Shine bond treatment?

Shine Bond treatment is an innovative Shine bond Therapy that gives you amazing shiny, nourished hair after the hair treatment. This shine bond treatment rejuvenates your hair and gives you natural hair.

Is Wellaplex the same as Olaplex?

Wellaplex is a bond multiplier that helps reduce breakage while colouring hair! … Olaplex links these bonds back together, preventing the damage and making hair smoother and shinier.

What does Smartbond do for your hair?

Smartbond is a three-stage process that is used during the hair colouring process to offer the best results. These products work together to strengthen the bonds within the cortex of Keratin chains of your hair, leaving a smoother, shinier and better quality to your hair.

Why did Olaplex sues L Oreal?

The court’s decision prompted L’Oreal – which has consistently argued that it independently conceived of the products at issue and did not, as Santa Monica, California-based Olaplex alleges, “willfully copy the technology without authorization to create three slavish knockoff [products]” in furtherance of a scheme of …

Is there anything similar to Olaplex?

While coconut oil is probably the most readily available and affordable alternative to Olaplex, I would still recommend that you try a product that is specifically formulated for re-building the sulfide bonds in the hair shaft, like the Ion Color Brilliance Absolute Perfection Booster.

How do I use Smartbond at home?

Smartbond is added to your colour when mixed and applied as normal. This colour is processed for the usual time. When the colour is ready to come off the hair is rinsed without shampoo and towel dried. Smartbond is applied as a pre-shampoo all over and left on for 10 minutes.

Can you use Smartbond without Colour?

SMARTBOND is suitable for all hair-types and textures, whether you have colour or not. If you do not have in-salon colouring services or you have no colour on your hair you can still hugely benefit from SMARTBOND.

Does Smartbond really work?

“Smartbond really helps me achieve any color correction without drying or damaging the hair in any way, shape, or form,” says Ramirez. “It makes the hair soft, strengthens the hair, and doesn’t slow the [coloring] process down at all.” According to Ramirez, Smartbond can also be added to gloss to condition the hair.

How much is Smartbond treatment?

How much does it cost? A Smart bond treatment costs 20 euro. Step 3 is available to take home to reactivate the product in your hair and can be used once a week to protect the bonds and maintain softness and strength.

What is Loreal Smartbond treatment?

SMARTBOND is a unique system that protects and strengthens the hair during technical services (such as bleach and haircolor). The system consists of 3 components, the first 2 being used in salon and the 3rd one at home. It is very easy to use and adapted to the hairdresser’s routine.

What is Colour bonding?

Smartbond is a two-step process that allows the stylist to protect hair from damage during and immediately after your usual colour service. … The treatment can then take effect while your colour is developing, with no additional development time needed.

What is hair bonding?

I think most of us already know that our hair is made up of a strong fibrous protein called keratin. Collectively, these bonds are also known as side bonds. … Side bonds link chains of the hair’s amino acids together and each type of side bond contributes approx. 33% to the hair’s overall hair strength.